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Vertical blinds enhance most window sizes and shapes

The cure is vertical blinds. The 89mm (3.5'') slats or vanes draw across the windows similar to curtains and can be rotated to open and close to give excellent light control and privacy.

A modern alternative to curtains, nets and vale drapes. Plain textures and patterned fabric slats or vanes give excellent light control, little or no maintenance, 'gravity does the dusting'

Vertical Blinds
Quality, Simplicity, Affordability. We have carefully selected the most popular window treatment products with the most popular options in the most popular colours, to give you quality products at affordable prices. Now that's value!
Free online quote Custom made vertical blinds

Blindcorner blinds and window shades take the confusion out of all the choices many brand names offer. Choice can be good, but not when there are too many choices that bring confusion. Just enough choice to simplify your life at affordable prices.

Vertical blinds bring style and simplicity to any room! Combine Privacy and Beauty with Vertical Blinds and Patio Door Window Treatments

All of our vertical blinds make a great choice for sliding glass door window treatments or patio door window treatments, blending soft beauty with durable construction. Whether you want patio door window treatments as an attractive covering for your patio doors, fabric vertical blinds for your bay windows or vinyl blinds for your oversized windows, our vertical blinds are the perfect solution. No other window treatment offers such a unique combination of fashion, form, and function as our quality vertical blinds do.

Enjoy these benefits of our vertical blinds:

  • Choose from multiple colour/texture combinations to match your home and taste.
  • Enjoy an infinite number of light and privacy options provided by your new sliding glass door window treatments or patio door window treatments within your home.
  • Take delight with year after year of trouble-free operation - our solid, no-compromise construction will never allow your vinyl blinds to go out of synchronization.
  • You'll please your family and impress your guests with any of our vertical window treatments, including sliding glass door window treatments.

Vertical Vinyl Blinds and Fabric Vertical Blinds Bring a Clean and Stylish Look to Your Home

Our stylish vinyl blinds are available in a variety of textures and patterns to suit your taste, including vinyl blinds for a unique flair. Vinyl vertical blinds give your home a coordinated and refined look. The durable PVC material provides excellent insulation, combining beauty and practical function at a very attractive price for you.

Fabric Vertical Blinds Provide Decorative Warmth and Pleasing Texture

Decorative Fabric Vertical Blinds are available from simple stitchbonds to jacquards. Choose from our free-hanging fabric samples. Each free-hanging fabric blind hangs perfectly straight with weights at the bottom – all stitched.

Traversing and rotating action allows an infinite number of light and privacy options and our slipping clutch headrail will never allow vanes to be out of synchronization. With so many selections to choose from, you're sure to find a style that's ideal for you!

Call us now on 01604 671189 to get a price quote on any of our quality vertical window treatments, or contact us online about our custom made vertical blinds and replacement blind slats. See for yourself just how affordable it can be to add that awe-inspiring look to your home.